Abandoned Log Mansion


This beautiful home was first discovered by Riddim Ryder back in the spring. Over the course of the summer it grew in popularity over social media. As each Explorer posted pictures and video, I was seeing more and more vandalism, and this house became more and more sad. It sits amongst development, making it vulnerable to destruction by locals. You will see the Drastic change in this dream home in some of the pictures in this blog. The before pictures are courtesy of Riddim Ryder taken back in the spring of this year, compared to mine taken in early fall.


I guess you could say this house struck a bit of a chord with me. It was everything I ever wanted in a house! My dream home. Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted to live in a log home, and this place had all the luxuries. Jacuzzi tubs with amazing views, spiral staircases, fireplace after fireplace, beautiful balconies to enjoy morning coffee on, and more.



I will never understand the desire to destroy something. When we were younger that thought never would have crossed our minds! Some may argue that it’s going to get torn down anyway….. It was bought by developers to build new houses after all. That excuse will never fly with me. Whether the house is going to be demolished or not, it just shows such disrespect.


This vandalized, soon to be demolished log mansion, is the closest I will ever get to my dream home LOL! It’s hard to believe that a home with so much character will be torn down to make room for a bunch of houses that will all look the same. I guess money talks though. I will keep dreaming and, in the meantime you guys enjoy the rest of the pictures! Be sure to explore this place with us by watching the video. You can check Riddim Ryder out by clicking the links below.










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