Forced To Leave Her Farm – Sadly Abandoned


After spending a little time on Google Earth, I pinned this location and one other one down the road. The other one down the road I thought would be our gem for the day but, turned out I was wrong! Chris and I walked up a long driveway and were greeted by a beautiful old farmhouse that was heavily boarded up. We didn’t think we’d find an entry point but to our surprise, we easily gained access.

After exploring this once loved house, we gathered our clues from a life that cherished this home. For privacy sake…we will call her Maggy. “Maggy” and her late husband were tenancy farmers (they were farmers that rented the land and house). She lived and raised her 11 children in this house over the course of 40 years. In 2008, The Region Conservation Authority bought the farm, gave her notice and told her to move. Maggy was in her late 80s…can you imagine how this must have felt for her? Not only was she being told she had to give up her home of 40 years but, a month prior she also lost her sister.

Maggy was a simple woman with many hobbies. Unfortunately, those hobbies didn’t make her money but, she was happy in her little world regardless. She stated “My needs are few and my pension gets me by”. At one time, she had cows, pigs, and even horses but, that all has come to pass with her age.


Despite her low income, she was a giving women who even took in a homeless man and, allowed him to raise chickens to sell eggs for money.

So where was Maggy going to live? You’d think with one of her children wouldn’t you? She ended up in a basement apartment in a crack house in the city. The summer of that year, her car broke down. A gentleman stopped to “help” her but ended up stealing her phone, camera, credit cards and cash. And despite all this, she felt she was better off where she was then an old age home. Maggy was always able to find that silver lining. Unfortunately, it’s our understanding that she now resides in an old age home and suffers with dementia.

This is probably one of the saddest stories we have come across yet, and I feel that this one is going to sit with me for a long time.

You can explore this house with us at


These pictures certainly aren’t my best work but I hope you enjoy them anyway ☺️





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