Abandoned Dairy Farm – Unknowingly Explored on the Anniversary of Her Death!

This abandoned dairy farm dates way back. There wasn’t a lot left in the farmhouse, just enough for Chris and I to gather our research. We found an old Can-Farm Data binder that documented the sales and expenses from between 1970-1976 as well as the names of the couple that once loved and worked this farm. Of course, to protect the families privacy, we won’t give you their real names. We will call them Bob and Mary.


In 1970, Bob and Mary were running a growing Dairy farm that would prove to be very successful. We could see the steady growth in their log book. In January 1970 they sold 18,989 lbs of milk, netting $564.00 after expenses. That included license fees, feed, telephone, labour and more. Their most successful month that year was October, netting $2177.00 after expenses…this would be the equivalent of about $14,000 CAD in 2020. They sold 19,368 lbs of milk that month but somehow with less expenses.


By July 1975 they were bringing in $3000.00…the equivalent of $20,000 today. As they approached the end of that year, and leading into 1976, it appeared they were making less…almost nothing after expenses. This was due to their efforts to expand. Expenses included bank loans, interest, and renting other farm land. We are unsure of the date they retired the Dairy farm but would be interesting to know!


Bob passed away on December 13th 2002, leaving his soulmate and best friend of 50 years, children and grandchildren. Mary followed on April 29th 2007 after a courageous battle with cancer. They now lay to rest, side by side, for eternity. We later discovered, Chris and I explored this Decaying farmhouse on the anniversary of Mary’s death. Not sure what that means but, we found it very strange and intriguing.

Be sure to check out the video at the top of the page to explore it with us and enjoy the rest of the photos!


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