1800’s Stone Heritage House – Decaying Dreams


I knew, as we approached this ornate house, we were in for a treat. The beautiful stone work and red door called out to me as I admired the snow that decorated the trees. We started around the back in search of an open door. Chris mentions “there are still dried flowers in a window sill” and my excitement grows even more.

As we entered through the back, into the much decayed kitchen, I knew this house what unique. To my left I could see a cottage like kitchen sink filled with frozen water and a few dishes, as if the last person to occupy this beautiful home had his last cup of coffee and walked out the door. The roof was caving in allowing the elements to take over, making for a beautiful snowy scene.

After 16 years of decay, the only thing that has touched this house is mother nature, and Forest critters that have rummaged, looking for food and shelter.

The bedroom had a perfectly made bed, dried flowers in the window sill, and even a half bottle of Jamaican rum. Another window sill held an urn with the ashes of a beloved pet or family member. Why would somebody leave these things behind? That question played over and over in my head.

This house was featured as a Heritage home back in the eighties. Early settlers crafted and built this beautiful Stone cottage back in the 1800s. The previous owner is still alive today and practices as an orthodontist in Trenton Ontario.

Other than the knitting magazines, chatelaine magazines from the 70s, and what would have been a beautifully decorated home, there was no other evidence of him being married. His name was found in obituaries for his parents, brother, and sister-in-law, but there was no mention of him having a significant other. That left me wondering if she had passed some time ago but, we couldn’t find an obituary for a woman with his last name. Possibly she went by her maiden name?

His brother was a Canadian author well known for his mystery novels. He passed in 2019 of pneumonia and had suffered a stroke in 2001. The interesting story there is, his stroke left him without the ability to read. You would think as somebody who published novels, this would destroy his career. As crazy as it sounds, although he couldn’t read, he could still write!

The last dates we found in this house we’re 2005. So although we were able to find a lot about the previous owners history, we still couldn’t answer the undying question of “why did he abandon this house?” A question that remains unanswered for now.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures and if you would like to explore the house with us hit the link below.




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