Ontario Nudist Resort – Abandoned Since the 80’s


This abandoned nudist resort has a Friday the thirteenth feel, which made it that much more fun to explore! Sitting in the middle of the woods, mother nature has reclaimed a lot of this. The decay and absence of floors made some buildings impossible to walk through, but we still did our best to get the camera in so our viewers could get a look! the only thing that held its integrity was the kidney shaped swimming pool made out of concrete. If you would like to explore this amazing location with us, be sure to check out our YouTube channel!



Pool area while this resort was booming!


This resort opened in 1954 and closed its doors for financial reasons in 1982 but, not without having a big impact on the naturist scene in Ontario. Many clubs across Ontario owe their existence to this once thriving camp.

Starting with only 18 adult members, SVG quickly grew to over 300, thanks to the owners aggressive publicity campaigns. Although always developing, his lack of customer service skills made it challenging for him to keep members. He was known to rule with an iron fist, objecting when members simply moved furniture into the shade, or, abruptly ending games when they went passed schedule. Although unreasonable at times, I also read comments from members that were children at the time, that state, while he was stern, he also had a softer side.

In 1961, famed journalist June Callwood from CBC-TV’s news program Close-up, interviewed Ruehle on his experiences and principles of living a clothes-free lifestyle, which at that time included a no-alcohol policy on the premises. A few years after, a movie titled “Have Figure, Will Travel” was filmed at this location with Karl (the club owner) acting as an advisor to the movie as well as playing a small part. ( Links at the end of the blog)

Despite his efforts to keep the resort alive, by 1974, its 20th anniversary, there was only one remaining member. Karl Ruehle passed away in August 2006 after a lengthy stay in the hospital. He had had a stroke in the early part of the year which he did not recover from.

Now more about what it looks like in 2019!

Upon our entry, we were met by ruins and decay. The first building we entered was what remains of women’s and men’s bathrooms, showers, and what we think were saunas. Immediately entering the building I knew this was a very unsafe Explore. I didn’t realize how unsafe until Chris pointed out that there was no floor left in the bathroom. You could see the stalls and toilets that appeared to be suspended in air. 



We decided to not press our luck and move on! Around the back were too small shacks that looked identical. Uncertain if they were members cabins or possibly for storage?

With the main building in our view, our excitement grew! As we approached I could see that the roof was caving in and could tell this was going to be another very unsafe building. Saying a little prayer in my head, we ventured forward in hopes that we would be able to explore the main building from top to bottom.

I stuck my head in the main door and once again, was deterred from entering. The second floor was making its presence on the main floor and, the stairs were slightly suspended due to the floor caving into the basement.


So now what? Well the pool of course! We started along the side of the building, making our way to the pool area. From there we were able to see a little more of the inside. The old intercom was straight out of the 50s and we found it quite interesting how the light hanging from the ceiling still looked pretty great, although everything around it was falling in.


At this point I was feeling a little defeated. I knew there was some great stuff in this main building, but I wasn’t about to risk my life to see it! We turned our attention back to the pool area and began to battle the long grass. Along the way there was a kids pool that I was mistaking for a possible hot tub, but still not near as interesting as the pool with the slides! The concrete, kidney-shaped pool, is now home to frogs, algae, plant life, and a little Haven for birds. It was easy to tell that this would have been the main focus of the resort!



The pool house still had lots of stacked wooden lounge chairs, as well as an old rotary phone attached to the wall. You could almost see the lounge chairs set up around the pool, awaiting the sun worshippers, and the owner leaning against the door frame while taking a phone call.



Going around the pool, to the other side of the building, there was a lounge / terrace where you can tell that people would sit to be shaded and order food from the snack bar. The patio lights have managed to remain hanging! We were able to explore the snack bar…. Chairs lined up along the diner style counter with ashtrays still set up gave this a bit of an eerie feel! There was many dishes and kitchen utilities left behind, adding to the loneliness.



Off the terrace was a set of doors that were chained with a padlock, but the glass had being completely smashed out. These doors lead into the main building that had an indoor lounge area with games and music. There were concrete stairs that lead up to what seemed like a rooftop terrace… The only stable set of stairs left!



After the main building we were able to find 4 more of the members cabins. I’m positive there is more than that on a 25-acre resort but trying to spot them was not easy! Each members cabin was different in its structure, but the decay was repetitive and all the same, with the exception of one cabin. The last cabin we found was a very large A-frame cottage. It appeared as though somebody had been attempting some renovations! The doors were locked tight, and there was newer doors and windows on the upper level. We did a quick tour around it and then decided to move on. We don’t break into dwellings so, we started our way back.

The one thing we didn’t find? Clothes!!! Sorry… couldn’t help myself 🤪



Click here to explore with us 

See Interview from 1961

Movie “Have Figure Will Travel”



3 thoughts on “Ontario Nudist Resort – Abandoned Since the 80’s

  1. Interesting interview but Karl says that there is 40 acres of campsite, you only explored a little. It’s nice to see the camp as it was in the 1960s. I did wonder why the clothes hangers were empty.


    1. Yes…there is other documentation that states it’s 25 acres. 25 or 40 (however it may be) of bush, is no easy task to explore when the growth is as tall as you are. I’m sure there’s more to explore here but based on the repetitive decay, we decided to end it after a few hours 😉


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