Le Manoir Olgilvie – French Mansion in the Mountains Burned to the Ground

Le Manoir Olgilvie Burned To The Ground

This once was beautiful mansion is located in the beautiful mountainous region of Quebec.

Helen Johnston was left a sizable fortune
after her dearly loving husband, a flour mill
industrialist passed away in 1900. The value of the fortune was estimated to be roughly $2 million dollars, equivalent to roughly $60 million dollars today. Mrs. Johnston then built a very ornate and luxurious English-American Queen Anne-style manor which
included the latest in luxuries for the time. The property was outfitted with
fully equipped barns & stables.
Years later after Mrs. Johnston’s passing, the mansion & acreage became a
tourist getaway and large recreational facility.



Manoir Olgilvie eventually closed
and became an abandoned mansion with great history and heritage, visited by many curious explorers. Explorers weren’t the only visitors though. In March 2020, during spring break, mischievous youth decided to not only visit but, set it a blaze. Le Manior Ogilvie is now a memory, burned to the ground. A sad discovery for not only Chris and I, but anyone else that wanted to capture her beauty.



Before Picture Credits

Rubicon Rouge


Visit Cobra Explorations to explore the interior


Movie filmed at Le Manior Ogilvie


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