Abandoned, Forgotten Children’s Hospital


This beautiful two-storey, forgotten children’s hospital was constructed in the Georgian Revival style circa 1914. The Georgian Revival style was common in Ontario in the 1920s.


The original owners sold the 100 acre property in 1925. Between 1925 and 1956 the property had been divided and changed ownership many times. In 1988 it was purchased for a children’s hospital, funded by the government. This hospital was a 100 bed facility for older children who needed additional care. Many of the former residents transitioned into group homes.


It now sits vulnerable to decay, vandalism, and in the end, demolition.


The current owners who bought this in 1994 have let this historical building fall into disrepair and, it’s now considered hazardous and unsafe.

As we explored this once was beauty, we couldn’t help but imagine what it looked like in 1914. It would have been considered a mansion in its time. The thought of this huge structure sitting on 100 acres of beautiful, untouched land was not only a beautiful image, but intriguing as well. It is now, sadly, a piece of historical beauty that sits amongst our overdeveloped society as we know it. The closest we’ll get to touching it’s era is by using our imagination.


Enjoy the rest of the pictures and be sure to explore it with us on our YouTube channel! (Link below)










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