Forced To Leave by the Government and Left to Decay for 20 Years


While Chris and I were out and about we came across this beautiful old farmhouse. It was situated on a dead end road with property as far as the eye could see.


As we were roaming around, taking pictures, the farmer pulled in with concerns of our presence. Once he learned what we do, he was gracious enough to not only allow us to explore it to the fullest, but also give us the history behind it.

His name was Peter and it was his brother that owned this amazing farm. In fact, his family owned a few farms within the same area. His brother bought this house with 100 acres back in 1960 for $8000 from a gentleman that owned it since the 1920s. He has since passed but farmed this land up until about 20 years ago when the government moved in, bought the land, and forced them to leave.

The government’s plan was to use this property as a transfer station which is still yet to happen. In the past firefighters have used the house for training and Peter still stores farm equipment in the barns, but is left renting the land to farm. He is rightfully upset that this beautiful old farm house and property got pulled from underneath them, just to sit vacant and rot for the past 20 years. “I’ve always loved this property, and I would have done anything to have it” Peter said during our conversation.

The government hasn’t done anything they intended to do and has been renting the land out to the family. Making a profit for the last 20 years on something that never should have been theirs. Peter visits this property daily and is haunted by past memories, and what could have been. This is a sad and unnecessary reality. Chris and I truly felt for him and wanted to be his voice. We felt this was a story worth telling and wanted to put his story out there. Not just for Peter, but for every hardworking farmer out there that has worked hard on their land, just to have their memories and hard work ripped out from underneath them.


Now, I know some will say “he got paid for the property so he can just go and buy more farmland”. While this is true, you have to remember that they only got market value and, when a farmer buys land they are taking many things into consideration, including quality of the soil and how workable the land is. In this case, they had to settle with a property that wasn’t comparable to what they had. Adding insult to injury, they also get to watch a house full of memories sit empty and decay.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog. Enjoy the rest of the pictures and the link to the video on YouTube below.













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