Halloween Explore = Spooky Fun! Secret Door Discovered

This old farmhouse is one that we decided to revisit! We originally explored this a little over a month ago and decided it would be the perfect spot to return to, and do a Halloween photoshoot! During our first explore we noticed a small door off of the upstairs hallway that looked as though it could have been a closet, or some sort of cubby. We were unable to open it as the latch was broken! To our surprise on our second visit, the door was open! This was no closet or cubby. This was like a whole other part of the house! There was a small box like hallway and three other rooms 😯.  It was impossible to navigate the rooms, they were stuffed full of belongings but, we did do our best to videotape it on our Halloween Explore so, be sure to check out that video and watch it till the end! You won’t understand unless you do 😉

See the original blog here

See first video here

See Halloween Explore here

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Below are the pictures we took during our night time visit. We had a blast with this and I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed shooting them 🥰





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