House Of Memories – Abandoned Time Capsule



This house sits on a dead-end road that I pass by on a regular basis. A couple months back I noticed the farm field wasn’t being worked like others around it. One day on my way home, I decided to take a detour and see what was going on. It looked quite obviously abandoned to me but, I didn’t explore it right away.

A few weeks later I returned with Chris. Everything seemed locked up tight, and as you know, we don’t break and enter, so we decided to come back another time.

I decided to do a little research on the address to see if it was possibly for sale. My efforts kept on coming up empty-handed for any information at all but, the satellite street view showed a lovely little old lady heading down to get her mail. Of course this made me wonder, is she okay? Is she still alive? Possibly in a home?


I left it on the back burner and decided that if we were ever able to get in, those questions would eventually be answered. At a later date I returned with my urbex girl Nicole and tried again. We got in through a screen door that I guess, Chris and I just didn’t pull hard enough on! After battling many webs and spiders, we entered through the back room. There was stuff everywhere throughout the house. So much left behind!

I found some paperwork that at first made me think that she was in a retirement home. After briefly reading it, it appeared that she may have worked at a retirement home or someone else in the house. Her husband passed of cancer in 2007 at the age of 74. If she was the same age, then that would make her 86 today! I couldn’t find any obituary on her so, I have to assume she is still alive. Which brings me back to, she must be in a retirement home! After exploring the house and seeing everything in such disarray, I came up with the conclusion that her children may still be packing up the house. There was lots of boxes and different newspapers, including the Toronto Sun from 2018, indicating that her kids possibly come back and forth to slowly, but surely, empty the house of memories. A job I’m sure is difficult and painful.


Explore this time capsule with us by viewing the video!



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