Never made it Home from Vacation…


A large country style home, complete with pool, now sits abandoned in a heavily populated area.

Chris and I found this location with a Little help from a friend. There was two kitchens, several bathrooms… So many I lost count, and several bedrooms. This was one of those houses that just seemed to go on forever! There was so much to love about this home… The large windows, the beautiful wood trim, fireplace after fireplace, the large spacious rooms and the country style feel that The decorator wrapped it in. You could feel that this was once a very much loved home that belonged to a very happy family.

In order to protect family privacy as well as protect the location from any Vandals I will be keeping the real names out of the blog as usual. We will refer to the man of the house as John. “John” passed away at age 64 while on vacation. He was a successful business minded family man well known in his community. Although he studied in University to be a geologist, his claim to fame comes from the gas and oil industry, as well as his father who started a project, but was unable to get it off the ground due to his death in 1994. After his father passed, he finished the project and was rewarded with a very successful business that still flourishes today.

“John” has a family that consists of a beautiful wife and 7, also successful, children. It really seems like he had it all!!! Not only was he wealthy, but also blessed.

His house now sits amongst development where he teamed up with developers to create. I heard his house was marked historical and would remain but, I couldn’t find anything to prove that statement so, time will tell!!

Explore this amazing home with us on our YouTube channel and enjoy the pictures below!











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