I Don’t Think We Were Alone – Abandoned Since The 1970’s

Chris and I were out exploring many houses that day, and this one was probably the least appealing from the road. It was a crazy hot afternoon, and we had overgrowth as tall as me to navigate through in order to get in.

Once we found our way in, it wasn’t hard to tell, this place had been abandoned for a few decades.

There was old books, newspapers dated 1971, old rotary telephone, and old encyclopedias but, nothing left with names that would aid us in our research.

This was another one of those explores I didn’t think would amount to much…. until I watched our video footage that is! At about 5:52 into the video something caught my attention as it darted across my screen… startled me actually. This made me hungry for some history on this once loved little house!! With no names to work with, and the address coming up empty in our research, we are still left wondering. Did someone die in this house? Why was it left to mother nature to reclaim? Right now it remains a mystery for us but, if any information surfaces, I’ll be sure to update! If you recognize this location and can help, please leave your comments! Check out the video here!


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