Abandoned Bed and Breakfast

Explore this beautiful old farmhouse with us by watching the video here!

Chris and I were out exploring west of Toronto, and came across this beauty on some country roads. There was a tree blocking the driveway so, we embarked on a little walk up the long overgrown path surrounded by farmer’s fields. We knew something awaited us at the end, thanks to google earth, but what, we were unsure of. As we approached, my excitement began to grow. To our surprise, the doors were open, and thankfully this gorgeous farm house had not been discovered by vandals! 

Despite the layers of peeling paint, I couldn’t help but notice what amazing shape this old house was in! Like most old farmhouses, there were 2 sets of stairs, one on either end of the home, telling us this place has seen many generations. Of course, the stairs weren’t our only clue…the structure of the building, the old sink, the large open rooms, you get the idea. But why abandon this seemingly stable, beautiful, once loved home out in the country?

A porch off of the spacious kitchen had a sign for a B&B and according to the Hydro one letter that welcomed the new customers/business, it appears they were giving it a go in 2013. My research on the business came up empty handed, and based on the time frame, I’m thinking this B&B never got off the ground.

The medicine cabinet in the bathroom still had some items left behind, which is where we found the name of a gentleman we believe once resided here. He was awarded with a fire service exemplary service medal in August of 2000. Most countries have, as part of their honours system, some form of official award to tangibly express national gratitude for long and commendable service, particularly in fields of endeavour involving potential risk. Canada’s Exemplary Service Medals recognize the men and women dedicated to preserving Canada’s public safety through long and outstanding service. This would be a great honor!

There were also school papers left behind that dated back to the 1970’s. Other then that, our research turned up empty handed. I hope, in the future, I see this beautiful place advertised as a B&B…I would definitely stay there!! Perhaps things are on hold? There would certainly be some work and money required do bring it up to par. If we find anything else we will be sure to update!! In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the pictures and be sure to your this house, and others, with us by visiting our YouTube channel! 





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