Worshipped Adolf Hitler – Modelled Home After the Berghof – Abandoned Nazi House



The man who once lived in this house died of kidney failure at age 90. He was a self-proclaimed Nazi who modelled his dining room after Adolf Hitler’s Eagles nest. You can see him below proudly posing by a picture of Hitler that once hung in his disturbingly, decorated home.


Not only did he have a giant swastika carved in the grass on his property but, he also allowed the Ku Klux Klan to burn crosses in his back yard. He tells the press ” I am a Nazi, I am not a lunatic ”. Not a lunatic? You be the judge.

Born in Lebus, Germany, 1921. He was a self-confessed Nazi, but he never belonged to the Hitler Youth or the National Socialist Party. As a teenager, he joined the NSKK (National Socialist Motorists Corps),  and fought for Nazi Germany as a pilot and soldier during World War II.

Coming to Canada after the war, he earned a living from the 1950s onwards by buying houses cheaply, renovating them and then selling them at a profit. He started building many apartment buildings but decided to retire to his now abandoned Berghof home in 1980.

As mentioned, he not only had a swastika carved in his grass, but also in the stucco on his back porch.

All his furniture and personal things were left to his widow , except those in the living/dining area, styled after a room in Hitler’s retreat, and a portrait of the dictator himself. He asked for those to stay permanently with the house, although, as of now, nothing remains.

The house now remains entangled in a legal dispute between his wife and two sons. They are suing their father’s estate, and widow, for control over the house and 5 hectares of land. The two sons, two of nine children, claim their father and stepmother committed a fraud by transferring ownership from the families name Inc to a company name they knew nothing about, that was left in their stepmother’s control.

This long and drawn-out case is still before the courts and none of the many allegations have been proven. So what will become of this home? Will vandals end up burning it to the ground before this dispute can be rectified?

We will keep our eyes peeled for any updates on the house or family. In the meantime, enjoy the photos and be sure to explore with us by checking out our YouTube channel! 

In the attic of this extensive home

Around the pond on 5 hectares of land

Kitchen graffiti

Dining Room Decorated after the Berghof


One of many living rooms


One of many of the upstairs apartments

Picture taken in one of the bathrooms


Where a portrait of Hitler was hung




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