The Weed House – Dog Breeder Walks away from Beautiful home?


Explore this amazing abandoned home with us by visiting our YouTube channel!

It was a beautiful long weekend, and Chris and I set out on one of our day explores. We headed west towards Beeton Ontario at 9 a.m., ventured as far north as almost Barrie by 2 p.m., then worked our way East, venturing through Port Perry, and finally arriving home by 5:30 p.m. . While you would think that this would be a very fruitful day in terms of urban exploring, our long day only turned up two houses! This beautiful derelict home being one of them.




I spotted this house as we we’re approaching the end of our day. We had almost succumbed to the fact that we may only go home with one Explore to show for our long trip. I could see this house from a distance, and although it didn’t look abandoned, something just made me say “that house looks interesting, slow down”. Chris let off the gas pedal and slowly got closer. Of course, as we pulled off to the side of the road, we knew we had found our last Explore for the day!



We entered through the kitchen, and were immediately greeted by the aftermath of thieves and Vandals. Cupboards ripped out, counters and sink gone, some minor graffiti as well as a bunch of papers and publications taped to the wall about weed legalization (you will see in video), and  a newspaper article that was dated May 2019…. Only three months ago! There wasn’t much decay here, which is a good representation of how long this house has been abandoned, although we are certain it’s been longer than 3 months! The weed printouts and publications taped to the wall, we later realized were likely part of some movie script. We don’t think it’s a movie of any significance though, as there is no title, and no mention of a director.



Every room in this house was a generous size with ample closet space and amazing attention to closet organization. The old wood floors and large bright windows screamed old farmhouse, yet the special attention to the closet organizers and modern fireplaces tells a different story. A beautiful old farmhouse renovated? I can’t help but Wonder why someone would invest that kind of time and money into such a beautiful place just to leave it to decay?





The only thing left in the bathroom was the clawfoot tub. You could tell that the piping was ripped out for money but obviously not a big surprise. I’ve always wanted one of those tubs, so to see it in such a state just added to the frustration.



While I was busy taking pictures and video for our YouTube channel, Chris was a busy beaver, rummaging through papers and anything he could find that might tell us something about this house and the person who once loved it. We found magazines dated 1970s as well as into the 1990s, old records, and some information about the woman that I’m sure had a hand in this well put together home. I’m not going to give her name, to protect her privacy, but let’s just call her Sarah. It seems as though Sarah suffered from depression… As does a lot of our society today! She also ran a kennel and dog breeding business for Rottweilers. Any of the documentation that we found for puppies being sold, was back in the 90s, so we are unsure if the business still exists today. Our research came up empty while searching the business name and or her name. So where is Sarah today? Is she still selling Rottweiler puppies? Why did she leave this beautiful house for nature to reclaim? All of these questions still remain unanswered for us, but if somebody recognizes it and can update us with any information, we would be very grateful as would our readers! Enjoy the rest of the pictures and be sure to venture through this explore with us by viewing our YouTube channel! 














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