The Pioneer House – Evidence dating back to 1883!


This post is actually a revision of our post titled “Haunted? Squatter? Or just our Imagination?” We explored the outside of this amazing house about 4 years ago but, we were unable to get in. We are not the type of explorers that would ever break anything to enter a house so, we decided to come back at some point to ask the owner for permission.


The elderly farmer that owns this gem was surprisingly receptive of my request to photograph his grandmother’s house! Yes…you heard that right…his grandmother’s house!!! Dating back to the 1800’s we knew this was about to be one our favorite explores. One of the first things we noticed was, there was no bathroom…meaning no plumbing! The rooms were big and spacious with lots of antiques to drool over.


Some of my favorite finds here would have to be the stove and the phonogram but, there was so many intriguing artifacts.




We had the added pleasure of having Nicole from Burley pictures join us on this exploration, as well as my beautiful daughter! This is the first time I’ve taken pictures of a person in an abandoned building and I must say, it added a whole different spectrum of fun to this! I am blessed to have a beautiful daughter and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience herself. Below you will see some pictures that I took of her in this wonderous old home.






Now back to the house. The front is so overgrown, it was like Alice in Wonderland going through a tunnel of brush. You could see a glimpse of the door, but you had your work cut out for you to get to it.


The back however, was trimmed nicely thanks to the cows. They have free reign of the rear that leads down to a beautiful Creek. The view of this, with the house, is something straight out of little house on the Prairie!


There was a movie filmed here in 2011 and released in 2012 called foxfire not an action packed movie but still, very well put together! It was pretty cool to watch the movie and see this house that we have recently been in and photographed!

Below is more of the interior of this home as well as newspapers dated 1944 with Annie comics! In the video you will see one of the antique books with scripture from 1883 and more!

Enjoy the rest of the pictures and be sure to explore it with us by viewing the video!











Thanks as always!! Watch the explore here…

Michelle and Chris


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