Abandoned $2,000,000 Farm House

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A before and after of this beautiful $2,000,000 farm house.

As Chris and I drove up the long overgrown driveway, we knew this place was once a beautiful treasure. The balconies, the porch, the brick work, the land… what’s not to love?!!! Unfortunately, not everyone felt the same way or, it would have sold.

Mostly boarded up, this house still had easy access that was very obvious, lots had used prior to us. Used to gain access to a party house, and a way to vandalize. I considered calling this house “The Penis Envy House”. Watch the video and you’ll know why.

So Chris and I made our way through the window and over piles of garbage….eager to start our explore. This was yet another house that broke my heart. The destruction and vandalism was unfathomable.

The kitchen, before and after.

The most recent dates we found were 2013 so, this depicts 6 years of reckless abandonment.

The house sold to the current owners for just over $500,000 and they put it on the market in 2008 for about $2,000,000. That listing was terminated, then relisted in 2009 for $17,000,00, and again in 2011. That listing has since expired. The names we found in the home, which we’ll keep private, were likely tenants here. Seemingly a young family with 3 children. Not sure why they left, perhaps they needed to move for work, or maybe they bought their own house. The gentlemen of the house worked for a mining company in Sudbury, so perhaps they moved closer to that area.


This house was listed on a registry of heritage properties but the owners, who are art and antique collectors, requested removal of the application. They didn’t feel the house was old enough, nor did it belong to anyone in history.

As far as we know the owners live in Toronto so, my suspicions of it being sold for development are incorrect. It’s obviously the land that is of value here, so perhaps they are holding out for development. The house itself is obviously not worth much now!

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