What Happened to Ron? Abandoned farm house Untouched by Vandals

picsart_07-09-08.39.44We found this treasure with some help from https://www.facebook.com/NikksPics/ !! Be sure to check out her Facebook page for more great pictures 😊.

This house was set back in, requiring a 10 min, hot, but beautiful hike. The grass was as tall as me (that’s not saying much lol), with no evidence of anyone else trudging through. The door was wide open and ready to be explored!!

As we embarked on each room, we got to know more and more about Ron. It became apparent that he loved his sailboat, old cars, music, possibly traveling, and a little outdoor leisure fun such as tennis and skiing. If I lived on a property like that, cross country skiing would be a must!!



Between the two outbuildings and the house, we came across many calendars dated between 1982 and 2010. At first I couldn’t wrap my head around why there were so many! Then it dawned on me…I remember when I was younger…I used to keep certain pictures out of calendars simply because I liked the picture. All the calenders had pictures of cars so, I’m thinking he left them open to the picture he liked most? Makes sense to me!! Comment below with your thoughts.

Either Ron, or someone else who lived with him was either battling cancer or was a cancer survivor.  I found a PMH ornament from 2010 on the floor that brought me to that conclusion. We get those every year at Christmas for Chris. We didn’t find any obituary for Ron so we are hoping he kicked Cancer’s butt and is alive and well!



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Seeming to be a country boy you’d think he would like beer but, we found an open magnum of wine that has collected much dust, as well as wine in plastic bottles in the basement with an expiration of 2016. Never knew wine expired!!! Cool nonetheless 😊



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The more we got to know Ron, the more we wanted to know why he left this beautiful little farm house 🤔. We found a lawyer letter addressed to him from 2010, with the address on it, that stated very strongly that he needed to clean up the “leased” property. So…he didn’t own the property. Also found, was a layout of the property that appeared to be a subdivision project or proposal. After researching the property more our only conclusion can be, he had to leave this leased property because developers are moving in. But why leave so much behind?? I guess we’ll never know. Take a walk through Ron’s house, and many others by subscribing to our YouTube channel!! Enjoy the rest of the photos. (Scroll down for video).

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