20 Years Abandoned Death Trap -Freezer with Sand and Tarp?

Chris and I were on our way to London when I got a PM from my urbex girl Nicole. She sent me the coordinates for this bad boy to see if we wanted to check it out! With a small detour we decided to investigate 😉.

There was a very long driveway that came to an end. We parked the car, loaded up with bug spray and began our trek. As the house became visible, I knew we were in for a challenge. The overgrowth of grass, weeds, and thorns were as tall me! Not surprising given how long it’s been abandoned. After fighting off nature, we finally came to a very large window with no glass left. This was our way in.


We were greeted by much decay, and of course, graffiti. I knew right away this would be a house we would need to be very careful in. The only sign of past life we could find was a note from “John” inquiring about the house being for rent.


Everything else was incredibly decayed with little presence. There were some rooms I wouldn’t even venture into, except to just stick my camera in while I remained on safe ground.

There was a main floor, upstairs, Attic that was used as a bedroom or place to entertain as well as a creepy basement. Every house needs a creepy basement 😉. The water that had corroded the roof had already taken its toll on the upstairs, creating dripping holes in the floor.

The basement was your typical basement, except for the freezer. Chris opened it to find a bunch of sand as well as a BBQ cover or small tarp. He swears there were remanence of small bones in there but I wasn’t buying it…lol!! You can be the judge by viewing it on the YouTube video.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures and thanks for reading!


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