Artist’s Abandoned Ontario Mansion

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I knew this place existed because of some fellow explorers that had posted it. After seeing it on youtube I had to find it!! I spent extensive hours searching and researching with what tiny bit of info I had and voila!! (I will not be sharing the artist’s name or anything that I think could easily lead people to this house) So…Monday June 25th/2019 Chris and I set out to explore this once was dream home. I know it doesn’t look like a “mansion” in the pictures but, you may change your mind about that once you see the video ;). (See bottom of blog for youtube video)

Once belonging to a famous Canadian artist, this house sits on expansive land that was once lush with trees, and countryside for as far as the eye could see. The artist sold to developers and is likely slated for demolition to make room for subdivision homes.

fireplace We entered through the basement and were greeted by a beautiful fireplace and a lonely piano that sat alone in a vacant large room. Unsure if this was the place yet, we eagerly started to explore. The basement seemed to go on, and on!! At times…we even felt a little lost as to where we were in the house LOL!!

The studio of this amazing artist was obviously the most incredible find. We were amazed as well as curious as to why some of the art work was left behind! Seemed so sad. You could see the hours and days that it would have taken to create such beautiful pieces! And yes…the sculpture to the right is what you think 😉 LOL!! You’ll also see it in the video at the end of the blog.

It wasn’t until I came around a corner and was startled by a large almost life-like sculpture of Mother and Child, that I knew we had found what we were looking for.


We spent a lot of time, in awe, exploring and taking in this part of the home, then, we realized, there’s still so much more to this place!! Better get moving!!


There was room after room, fireplace after fireplace and bathroom after bathroom. Only one bathroom really attracted my attention though…the master bath!! With wall to ceiling mirrors around a corner jacuzzi tub…what’s not to love!!

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And naturally…as you would expect…a huge mirror on the ceiling in the bedroom…duh! LOL!!

If you’d like a better idea of what this house was like…take the journey with us in our youtube video!! Don’t forget to share the love while you’re there ❤ Hit the “like” button after you’ve seen the video and be sure to subscribe 🙂



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