Kinder House – Ghost Town of Rockingham


Another rainy day in May, Chris and I stumbled upon another interesting find with a bit of history attached to it. This house was not easy to approach due to the growth of thorn bushes overtaking the property but, as usual, we didn’t let that stop us. (See video at end of blog)

This once loved home belonged to Cecil and Mamie Kinder and is situated in the Ghost Town of Rockingham. Rockingham, Ontario was settled in 1859 by John S.J. Watson, after he was banished from England for marrying beneath his station.  He was given a large sum of money by his father (The Lord of Rockingham Castle) on the condition that he would emigrate to Canada. He would name this new settlement after his former home. On the thousand acres that he was granted, John and his fellow settlers built a grist mill, hotel, school, tannery, general store, blacksmith’s shop, and eventually, a church. In 1888, a population of about 60 people called Rockingham home, and by 1899, that number had grown to 110. But with the turn of the century came a great decline, as many of the farmers moved on, after the red and white pine trees had been logged.


Many of the buildings are long gone now, but the church is still active, and a few old

homes remain, clustered around the former general store, including the former home of Cecil and Mamie Kinder.


Exploring around the outside of the house we came across tomb stones marking the deaths of past family members. While the stones were situated behind one of the out buildings, we don’t have any reason to believe they were buried there. It seemed more like they had got left in that spot for some reason. Based on some basic math we believe Elias, born in 1898 and passed in 1973, was likely Cecil’s Father.


Everything about this house screamed 1950’s with the exception of the calendar displaying October 1994. Not sure of the importance, if any, of that month/year. Both the house and out buildings were filled with belongings and decay, making this a very difficult explore.



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2 thoughts on “Kinder House – Ghost Town of Rockingham

  1. Wow, what an amazing find! It is absolutely amazing that all of these things were left behind and nothing has been vandalized or destroyed. Finds like these are extremely rare here in the United States. Love your photography, so I decided to follow your blog. 🙂


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