Capone, Bootlegger, Gangster In Hiding


Chris and I set out for a 4 day exploring excursion in May to revisit one of our favorite areas. Although it rained…A LOT…we managed to come up with some great finds, including Alcapone’s Cabin! View the video of this exploration 


In the times of prohibition, up Quadeville way,  in the early 1940s, Al
Capone lived in this cabin, not far from the ghost towns of
the Opeongo Line, and used it as his secret Canadian hideout.
The cabin was built in 1942 by a local man who was
hired by a mysterious figure from south of the border. Capone is
supposed to have been here sometime between 1943 and 1947,
years after his release from jail.

It is a documented fact, however, that Capones criminal empire sold tons of illegal
liquor imported from Canada. There are still locals who claim one particular man, who seemed quite ill, would arrive in the mid-to-late 1940s and lie low, presumably recuperating from something. Capone would have been out of prison then, and suffering from the syphilis that would contribute to his death in 1947.

In Ontario, the self-proclaimed “King of the Bootleggers” was the Hamilton-based mafia boss Rocco Perri. Perri and his common-law wife, Bessie Starkman, ran a major smuggling alcohol and drug business. While many rum-runners smuggled booze in by using ships, Starkman, who was the head of operations, ran Perri’s business on land. She had boxes of alcohol labeled as turnips and they were shipped via train to places like New York and Chicago. Chicago mobster, Al Capone, was reportedly a customer!!


While his cabin still stands today, you will see in the following pictures that any remnants of Alcapone himself is a thing of the past. There has been many curious people over the years that have visited, as well as destroyed anything left.



Despite the damage done to this little piece of history, you can still imagine and see the goings on in this once was cozy cabin.


From old taps to the old ringer washer that has found it’s final resting place outside, this place screams 1940’s abandonment!

Thanks for reading guys!!

Michelle and Chris


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