Haunted? Squatter? Or Just Our Imagination

July 7th Trip 191

Another July find. I’ve passed this house SO many times but didn’t notice it until this summer. The side of the house is what faces the road and is densely hidden by bush and trees so it took a good eye to spot. When you pull in the first thing you see is the barn that’s still in use and again thick bush that hides the house from view.


Chris and I were in awe of this place. It looked almost pioneer like with all the original wood exposed and rocky slope at the side that led to a creek. There were cows that seemed to have free range around every point of the house except the front. As I strolled around and started to take pictures of this beauty, Chris decided to see if the door was open. Judging by the way the outside looked we were very excited to see what the inside would hold for us. He slowly and quietly opened the wooden screen door and proceeded to turn the knob. For a split second I noticed him freeze up…..His face turned white as he exclaimed in a loud whisper “Get in the van!” Of course….I’ve seen enough horror movies that I wasn’t gonna question it….we both made a mad dash for our getaway vehicle and drove off! “what the Hell??!!” I said to him as we were speeding off. He preceded to tell me there was some sort of weird carnival music playing inside the house. “Are you sure?” I questioned….”How can that be?” As we drove for a minute my common sense kicked in 😉

Trying to not let my own imagination run away with me I explained to Chris there could simply be a squatter in the house; but the more I thought about that….I thought “how the hell would they get electricity to play music?” Chris was convinced this was something straight out of the movie “Wrong Turn”. As we discussed it more, we came to the conclusion that whoever owned this house plays this music day in and day out to keep trespassers at bay and possibly get a laugh out of idiots like us LOL! I couldn’t help but think how smart that was 😉 With much thought and a little hesitation, we decided to turn around and head back.

July 7th Trip 196   Creepy2

There was another driveway with a mailbox that looked like it went way in behind. We decided to follow that driveway in hopes to find someone that may give us permission to go inside. The driveway just seemed to go on and on and on….over 2 sets of tracks and deeper into what looked like more bush. At the tracks there was a weird carving that for some reason looked familiar too me but I have no idea why. We stopped the van and Chris decided to walk in a bit to see if he could find another house. I stayed with the van and took a few more pictures 🙂

July 7th Trip 183   July 7th Trip 185

He came across a few more freaky carvings and decided to end his search, not knowing what he was getting into. We decided to park the van by the road and just explore a little more of the outside of the house. I walked onto the tiny porch to see if I could get a picture of the inside through the window. I too heard the carnival music at that point and could help but think how eerie it was.

window   door   July 7th Trip 189

creepy3   July 7th Trip 195   door 2

While we were finishing up and dreaming about getting inside, a guy showed up in a truck from the driveway we earlier gave up on. Naturally he questioned our presence on the property. After we pleaded our case he was satisfied with our answer and allowed us to finish taking pictures. He wasn’t the owner but he told us where the owner lived. It was starting to get a bit dark and to be honest, we just about had enough, so we decided to head home. In our near future we’re going to visit the owner and ask if he’ll allow us to photograph the inside as well as get some history if there is any 🙂 We’ll be sure to update with any new findings! 😀

Hope you enjoyed our blog….be sure to follow us and be apart of our adventures!

Michelle & Chris


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