Once Loved Home – Auctioned Out Of Existence


We just love those surprise finds and this amazing house definitely was a wonderful surprise! Although the house is very old it hasn’t been vacant for very long and at first we wondered if it was actually abandoned or just a house where someone didn’t have time to tend to the outside. We pulled over and studied the house for a minute and concluded it was absolutely abandoned, so we started our adventure 😉

We entered through the open door at the back of the attached garage . Chris waltzed right in as I hesitantly kept a keen eye out for any spiders. We were greeted by a huge pile of what seemed like unwanted items. On top of that pile was our first find. An old newspaper article that dated Aug 1st 1962, with a write up on John F Kennedy and his strategy for November. I took a few shots of the paper, closed it up and followed Chris into the back kitchen.

Lakeshore 012    Lakeshore 011

There was an awful smell in this room but nothing we’re not used to. Pretty much everything was gone except a fridge and an old wood burning stove that reminded of the one we had when I was growing up. In each room of the house there were only a few items that remained and the rest was cleaned out. Our research on the address later explained why. There was an auction held at the house so the remains were items that didn’t sell. For the family’s privacy I’m not going to post any names but we are still unclear of whether or not the woman of the house has passed or possibly in a nursing home.

Lakeshore 033   Lakeshore 037   Lakeshore 036

Lakeshore 016   Lakeshore 018

Although outdated now, this house would have been considered beautifully decorated in it’s time with curtains that matched the wallpaper, patterned carpeting and beautiful word work. Again, the downstairs didn’t look like it had been abandoned very long because none of the wall paper was peeling yet and there was still some plastic on the windows to save on heating costs. However, the upstairs suggested different with things peeling off the walls and ceiling. My assumption would be a leaky roof that hadn’t been tended to for some time?

Lakeshore 021  Window  bathroom

As per any old house,the bathroom was tiny and the bedrooms were large with little or no storage space and it had 2 kitchens which I’ve seen before in old century homes. I can just imagine the antiques that were auctioned off here.

upstairs   Lakeshore 026

window2   Lakeshore 029

front2   Lakeshore 043

There was an old For Sale sign on the ground by the side door….couldn’t help but think it’s a shame nobody bought it. I know for most the thought of the costly work is enough to scare them off, but the view of the lake and the potential of the home itself to me would be well worth it. That brings me to the end of another blog….if you enjoyed it let us know or select to follow us so you can be apart of our adventures!

Michelle & Chris


One thought on “Once Loved Home – Auctioned Out Of Existence

  1. Enjoy your photos and written articles. I often wonder about the history and the families who once settled and lived on the abandoned properties.


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