Abandoned On The Lake

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Another beautiful day where we pick a direction and drive. After exploring back roads for hours with no luck, we decided to find a place we could cool off. Our attention turned from finding the abandoned to finding a place to swim. To our surprise…we found both in one spot!! The site of the lake is what caught our attention but we were pleasantly surprised to see this abandoned restaurant once known as “Little Lake Pavilion”.

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With hand painted murals and views of the lake you could tell this was once a gem in its time. Which brought us to the usual question…”what brought it to its demise?” The restaurant was huge with big windows that lead to picture perfect views. To the left of the pavilion stood an also abandoned cabin like home and attached to the pavilion on the left was an abandoned apartment with stairs that were over grown with vines and vegetation.

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The integrity of the building has been badly compromised by weather and vandels….floors starting to cave in, insulation falling from the ceilings, broken windows and just general decay. It still wasn’t hard to imagine what it was like when it was a booming business being tended to with some TLC though. And so….with that as our usual main focus the research began. We found bar orders that dated back to 1971, catering agendas, old flyers, pay cheques that never got sent out and old CRA documents that would help us in our search.

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The original Little Lake Pavilion dates back to the 1800’s and at the time was the only facility on the lake. People used to come by horse and buggy to stay as a getaway retreat. In those days amenities like air conditioning and fans didn’t exist. When the hall was being used they’d prop the old wooden doors open for air flow.  The Pavilion was known to have had 3 significant fires that resulted in extensive rebuilding and renovation.

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In 1995 John and Barbara Kremer were the owners and operated it primarily as a restaurant and catering business. The Pavilion had 22 sites for trailers with hook-ups but all were vacated by this time. The Kremers were not interested in pursuing this end of the business or the dance hall aspect either. John and Barbara did extensive renovations including a lovely outdoor patio with tables for outdoor dining.

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Unfortunately the once beautiful and prosperous Little Lake Pavilion now sits empty and is deteriorating rapidly. The ghosts of it’s past tell of it’s  banquets, weddings, dances and memorable functions. Little Lake is now surrounded by 150 cottages and is a summer attraction for families year after year. Our hopes are that someone with a lot of money and a dream will come and resurrect The Little Lake Pavilion.

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6 thoughts on “Abandoned On The Lake

  1. My Mother and father where , John n Barbera Kremer , there where both extreamly proud of the Pavillion and invested $100’s of thousands into the building over the years including building the carriage house above the garage for my Aunt Margret and Uncle Sid to live out there lives in comfort , They have all pass’d away , my mother the last about 4 years ago .

    They Hosted 10’s of thousands of Party’s Weddings Receptions and the like for Mother’s day they where famous for there all you can eat Lobster buffet I would start working at 4:am the day before and 56hours later finaly go to sleep after the cleanup was finally compleat Serving 1800 or so on Mother’s Day alone

    Too Bad no one saw or had the forsight to take it over after my mother bankrupted the buisness in retaliation Because of my Fathers Alcoholic induced permiscious indiscretions ! and Her vendictive heart never accept’d his Alocholism as a Disease or the Medi-physical sickness that it is hence the reason she justified doing what she did That all said She and my Fatherbuild the Pavillion up into an amazing biz that was So worth carrying on into this century with the same pride of ownership they both carried for the place , I lived in Europe with my wife working as an Aircraft Fuel Specialist for Air PB back in those day’s and had little in No interest what so ever in there business and estranged myself from my family because of there attitude towards my father and
    all though I make No excuses for my fathers behaviour as well comdem his actions as imorral I do however recognise that he was Human and more importantly suffering from several sickness that affect’d his Mental state of mind and alowed him to do some pretty despicibal thing to some people He also saved 128 from the gas and ovens durring from early in the winter of 1943 untill the end of the war

    He grew pot that he traded to the occupieing German Soldiers for food he would then distibute the food and would collect all the human waiste Product P n Po to be used as fertilzer for the next crop he had in the greenhouse out back of the old farm in Deventer , The Netherlands . He once told me that a German General that he also gave refuge to at the end of the war ask’d him ‘ Johaan vaat do you feed zee’z plant’s want this is some Strong Schitt , and my father not being able to tell the truth , Swallowed the laughter thinking Dude your Some REAL Jewish Schitt !! (>_<) !! , I guess the reason I have told you all this is to let you know why you find Little lake Pavillion in the state that you did . Personaly the oweners who bought the place and let in fall into such disrepair they ultimaly are the ones whom destroyed such a beautiful and historic old Building that has serviced Carriges and seen to the needs of weary travelers Hunger and thirst since ewell before the days of conferation .

    in any event thats what happend and allthough I am publicly addmitting to my Disfunctional Family's disasterious personal behaviour I do say this with hopes that some one seeing my words takes it to heart and suffering a similar set of life sircomestances can recognise them and see the person in questions sickness as just that and then see'ing them threw it into better health so that they also not having to live out there days in wonder of what if I had have help'd in place of turning my back on my family as they did to me and him by enabling my mother to baukrupt the buisness so there was Nothing for him or I as they saw it to prosper from and left him to die in a home where he was disrespect'd for the last 2/3 years of his life

    Sorry for hte Ran't guys , You all see wall paper and paint peeling and roof's falling in where as I see the pride and the money spent on that New Roof and Freezer . or the arguement over that perticular shade of Green in the walk in cooler and the work swet and Money invested into the snack bar / kitchen and Dining Room that Both My Mother and Father invested those Years of there lives into making a place where you could eat quaility food for as reasonable price they could offer as well in 30 years they Never had one complaint of somone being Sick after they ate , ooh there where those whom where sick there from time to time as I was the one whom was givin the dubious destinction of being order'd to clean up there aftermath in the bathroom all contibuted to the Free Bar at a wedding recption or doo that my Father and Mother where Famious For


    1. Thank you for the insight Daniel!! Those are very unfortunate circumstances and I feel for you and your family. Trust me…we all (including myself) have those family skeletons in our closet. I know it was likely hard for you to write what you did but, I want you to know I enjoyed reading and am thankful for the information you provided. That helps my husband and I wrap up yet another mystery to a long lost, beautiful building!


  2. My grandparents John and Dorothy Glenn owned the property in the 60s and 70s
    When they bought the dance hall had not been used for years. The first summer we all started redoing the dance hall and the following summer they built an addition same size as original barn. I learnt how to cook, run the store and do banquets


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